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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The New Yorker - specialty issues

This is a pet peeve of mine! I read the New Yorker to get the big picture and I don't want narrowly focused issues. I have the Food issue, the Fashion issue and now the Art and Architecture issue sitting around. They have all come out in the last two months and I haven't even taken the plastic off the fashion issue. Okay, but I am a foodie; you might think that I would enjoy the food issue, but I still haven't finished last year's! I do enjoy many of the articles about food, but it's not the true New Yorker experience, and it's not why I read the New Yorker! These specialized issues do not give me the well-rounded magazine-reading experience that I crave. I blame Tina Brown for starting this, but she's long gone and now they seem to be adding more specialty issues.


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