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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Feral, destructive and spreading"

Republicans or wild hogs?

The above quote refers to Ian Frazier's article in the Dec. 12 New Yorker (still haven't found the Christmas issue, by the way). The article entitled "Hogs Wild" is about, you guessed it, wild hogs, which may or may not appear interesting at first glance; however, as is typical with Frazier, he takes a quirky turn somewhere in the middle when he studying a map with various shadings of green showing the spread of the wild pigs across the United States. He is reminded of the red-blue state maps that became ubiquitous during the 2005 Presidential election and spends a good part of the rest of the article expanding on this theory, that states and counties that voted for Bush have a high or expanding feral hog population (Texas, for example, has the highest population of feral hogs of any state). The theory doesn't hold up internationally though, since Australia now reportedly has more wild hogs than people (23 million to 20 million) and they are pretty much anti-Bush).


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