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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wasting time

I spent the day working on the diabolically hard Sudoku puzzle that was in the Sunday Globe magazine. I really have to limit myself to one of these a week since they become all-consuming. I was even dreaming about it last night. I've been trying to prove to myself that I can solve even the hardest puzzle through logic, not guessing. Today, I finally had to posit one number of two in a cell and follow it through to see if it worked, but, in the process, I found a clue that I had overlooked, so was able to solve the thing logically. Tomorrow, I'll be getting back to Mary Poppins, Anna Karenina and the latest New Yorker.

Oddly enough, I seem to be missing an issue - was there a 12/26 issue? If so, what was in it, what was on the cover, can someone save it for me?


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