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Friday, February 10, 2006

February New Yorkers

2/6 (Greenhouse flowers on cover) - Malcolm Gladwell's article on profiling, racial or otherwise, was really interesting. It makes you think bulldogs have gotten a bad rap; it's often the aggressive owners who create the aggressive dogs. As usual, Gladwell expands his topic to relate to contemporary events and draws some excellent inferences from his research. I also loved the article entitled "Swamp Nurse" by Katherine Boo, although it was sad to think of these young mothers, named for characters in an old TV show, struggling to learn how to take care of their babies. The nurses who go out to the homes to give advice and support are truly heroic.
2/13-2/20 (Anniversary Issue) - Nora Ephron's cookbook memoir was great. Malcolm Gladwell has another thinking-out-of-the-box article, this one on homelessness.
2/27 (Cheney with a gun, "Watch your back mountain") - Another depressing article about our hidden torture policy and how we are trying to circumvent the Geneva Convention. I loved the book review by John Lanchester entitled "Two Views of Happiness."


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